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Short of time? Then check out the showreels by design agency Superfried, for an efficient overview of the eclectic creative solutions from your new favourite Manchester design agency.

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Superfried – Design showreel 2023

Since 2007 Superfried has been delivering award winning, bespoke graphic design and branding strategy for an eclectic mix of clients located throughout the world. Here is a 90 second curated dash through some recent projects by Superfried design studio, Manchester.  

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Superfried – Typography showreel 2023

Inadvertently, typography has always been my chosen discipline for design experimentation. Maybe it is simply because the basic letterforms provide a starting point. It features heavily throughout my personal projects which subsequently feed the bespoke, typographic designs developed for client work. Here is a 90 second blast through some of the highlights by design agency Superfried.

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Superfried – Environmental showreel

Since 2007 my experimental, design project – Superfried – has provided me with incredible opportunities and experiences. Wherever possible it is always my intention to make things better. Working with organisations wishing to make a positive ecological impact has enabled me to embrace a secondary passion for sustainability development. This aligns with my unconventional, educational background in Environmental Chemistry.

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Superfried – Healthcare showreel

The healthcare sector has also enabled design agency Superfried to work with progressive organisations seeking to make a social impact and improve wellbeing. This showreel features six selected case studies listed below.

Superfried – Logo showreel

Even as a child, I was obsessed with logo designs. Therefore it made sense to revisit that fascination by collating some of the eclectic brandmarks I have created for clients and personal projects over the years. The process led to a 30-second sprint through an eclectic mix of logo designs, wordmarks, and logo lock-ups developed by design agency Superfried since 2007.

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