Superfried is a design studio specialising in branding. Whether you are big, small, old, new, local or global we can tailor a strategy to fit. We do not provide a one size fits all package since every client + project are unique. And so is every branding project. Consequently, they vary considerably in complexity, considerations, deliverables, time + budget.

A brand identity is not just a logo. It is a combination of your purpose, beliefs + every medium that represents you or your organisation. Consequently, a considered branding solution requires time, consideration, research, strategy + a wide range of disciplines. We will never pretend to cover every possible service you may seek, I would be surprised if any agency can. So when required, we collaborate with our proven, specialist partners to create bespoke teams that fullfil your requirements.

So below is an overview of the services + solutions we can offer in-house + via our creative network team. This is followed by a brief summary of our simple process + approach. So whether you are intrigued or confused, feel free to drop me a mail to discuss further.


Branding is about people – your team – and the people you are trying to communicate with – your potential audience. So branding requires a mixture of soft and technical skills to deliver truly effective solutions. The ability to listen and empathise with people. Setting the correct visual and aural tone of voice to obtain the true, desired brand perception.

To achieve this requires the ability to be open eyed and open minded to capture opportunities, not allowing challenging ideas go to waste. It requires good attention to detail. Creativity is a given, but a brand identity is also a tool – it should be practical and easy to use. So those often overlooked soft skills, also help us listen to our clients to understand what they require, which technical skills we should offer.

The most common problem clients raise is the inability to use the brand assets created, due to limitations of staff, skills and software resources. To address this we have brought less conventional skills in to our network and now conduct a software audit – what do you need to create and what tools do you have access to? For example a client maybe using the Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft suite, Google tools or Canva.

With this research we can look at alternative, practical solutions to omit the expense of new software or freelance support. For example, one client had no access to or knowledge of Photoshop. Instead we created a dimension perfect, editable template in Powerpoint to enable them to export flat images for on-brand social media posts. Another client required regular presentation decks to be consistent and on-brand. We saved them hours of manual work by developing bespoke macros to ensure consistent brand styling across large data sets.

So we seek a perfect balance between the supply of soft vs technical skills and creative vs practical deliverables.


  • Branding workshops
  • Research – Getting to know you
  • Research – Getting to know them
  • Naming, positioning + tone of voice
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand guidelines


  • Bespoke wordmarks
  • Bespoke characters + monograms
  • Bepoke numerals
  • Lettering design
  • Typeface design

Graphic design + production

  • Graphic design + art direction
  • Marketing literature for screen + print
  • Design for social media + advertising
  • Illustration + iconography
  • Stationery + signage
  • Animated idents
  • Packaging design
  • Editorial + book design
  • M365 templates

Web + digital

  • Web design + development
  • Web architecture + strategy
  • Domain research
  • Digital advertising screens


We strive for simplicity in everything we do. With design it is the simple solutions that are usually the best. Consequently, our approach to the design process follows suite with just four key stages. We believe that for branding to be effective, client collaboration throughout the design process is essential. Ultimately, what we create will reflect you, the client. So lots of questions and careful listening.

We also believe in straight talking. So please don't edit your replies. Don't worry about our feelings – something crap or you don't like it / think it will not work – we want to know. Only then can we do something about it, re-think the creative strategy and approach.

We know about communication and can provide an essential, external viewpoint of your organisation. But, you know your sector and market far better than us. So via client collaboration we listen and learn about you and your target audience. It is only by being receptive that we can create an identity that will truly cut through, resonate and convey your message to the right people.


Discovery and research phase where we will ask a lot of questions, challenge the brief and listen. This will enable us to define your purpose and goals, your target audience and the barriers that are preventing you from reaching them. It is here that we will also look at your sector and competitors. What are they doing that you are not?


Knowledge acquired now directs the initial development of ideas and creative strategies. An open minded and collaborative approach is key – anyone can have a good idea. Ideas in, great but now it is important to test them. What have we missed? Do they solve the problem? Will they equip you to be more competitive? Time to ditch the duds.


Strategy established – what does it look like? We can begin to flesh it out into some visual design directions. Start to see the brand personality emerge and evolve into 1 or even 2 different personas. But which direction will actually be effective? Which is versatile, has longevity and potential to evolve? It’s not just about picking the pretty route. So we seek feedback, research and test to be sure the selected route is solid.


Design direction nailed, time to develop the tools and assets you will require for self sufficiency to launch your new brand identity out into the wild. Logos, logotypes, lock-ups, graphic devices, fonts, palette, web design, web development, animated idents, layered template files, print material, signage, merchandise etc and a set of brand guidelines to make sure you stick to the rules! They maybe annoying, but when it comes to branding, consistency is king.