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Testing Scrubber eco deodorant

Hello, Mark again from Superfried, a design agency in Manchester. I am on an eco living mission – I have been slack for far too long! When it comes to personal grooming, I have never really embraced the phrase 'because you're worth it' always opting for what is on offer. So, for deodorant, I am ashamed to admit that my purchase would usually be the classic Sure option for £1.50. Time to change. Whilst at my local eco shop – Fantastic No-Plastic, I found this alternative, eco friendly product by a company called Scrubber, so I decided to give it a try.

Superfried – Walk the Talk. Testing eco friendly deodorant by Scrubber – logo. Continuing my path towards eco living.
Superfried – Walk the Talk. Testing eco friendly deodorant by Scrubber – 2. Continuing my path towards eco living.

The research

Scrubber was founded by London-based Siu-see & Scott, graduates who struggled to find alternative plastic free,  eco friendly products they could afford. So they decided to create their own.

Scrubber states that each deodorant should last between 1 and 3 months and its solid form means it is ideal for travel. With regard to the common concern of stains on clothing associated with roll-ons, Scrubber states that since their eco friendly products are water soluble, any residue should come out via normal washing, but if not, some pre-wash application of additional detergent should do the trick.

How are their eco credentials?

Scrubber states that their deodorants are made with natural ingredients that are completely suitable for vegans and animal cruelty free. The tubes are manufactured from compostable cardboard and paper, but they do not state if the material was recycled to start with. As a UK-based company, the environmental impact due to transport and distribution is also reduced.

So what does Scrubber use to make it?

Arrowroot powder
Arrowroot powder is a natural and non-toxic moisture absorber. It is 100% plant derived and is an ethically grown crop.

It is very effective at absorbing moisture, helping keep your pits dry throughout the day.

Shea Butter
Shea butter is widely used in balms and moisturisers. It is packed with vitamins and fatty acids that are great for your skin.

Coconut Oil
We use unrefined, pure coconut oil.

Not only is it a fantastic moisturiser, but it is naturally antibacterial, helping to reduce the odour causing bacteria.

Sodium Bicarbonate
Just ordinary old baking powder.

We a very small amount of it to hinder bacterial growth and prevent body odour.

For some with very sensitive skin, this can cause irritation. We also offer a formula with no sodium bicarbonate at all, simply select “extra sensitive” when checking out.

Soya Wax
Helps us nail the lovely consistency and texture!

Bentonite Clay
Used for 1000s of years as a mild, natural cleaning powder, bentonite clay is a powerful absorbent, making hair look clean and shiny.

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Superfried – Walk the Talk. Testing eco friendly deodorant by Scrubber – 1. Continuing my path towards eco living.

Is it any good?

I selected their Grapefruit and Mandarin stick and it smells great. I love the branding and packaging, they have obviously considered this carefully and worked with a great graphic designer and illustrator, but I promise not to be swayed by the pretty, biodegradable packaging! I have to say I did struggle with the functionality of the tube. Maybe it is because our house is too cold, but I found it hard to budge when trying to push up the stick. Scrubber does mention this in their FAQs with recommendations on how to warm it up again. I am not used to roll-ons, and as someone with hairy armpits, I did find the stick grabbed a bit rather than roll on smoothly. After playing tennis or working out I had no body odour I could detect, which was reassuring. When perspiring though, I did notice it could feel a bit sticky when compared to my previous non eco deodorant.

How does it compare on price?

With regards to cost, it is clear they will not be able to compete with regular plastic based, supermarket roll-ons. With this in mind, I will compare it to another product by Fussy that I intend to test drive next. Scrubber cost £6 at my local shop. But via s subscription on their site, you can make a saving of 20% reducing the price to £4.79 a stick. Fussy has a different system. They supply a life-long plastic case into which you insert refills. Ignoring the initial cost of the case to get started, their refills are £5 so it is reasonably close.


In conclusion, I love what Scrubber is doing and I love the way they have managed to go completely plastic free using biodegradable packaging. However, I do find the tube tricky to use and it does not roll on as smoothly as I had hoped. With this in mind, I am going to test the eco option by Fussy first, before making a final decision. Watch this space.

I am always amazed and in awe of new companies launching with an ethical, eco friendly purpose. It is hard enough to start something new, even harder when you have no experience within the sector, but to also select an eco choice, with its associated barriers is another level. It must be incredibly daunting. I salute you.

But enough of my opinions, what do you think? Drop me a message. Alternatively, if you require help with your business, let's chat to discuss how Superfried can develop a bespoke design solution tailored to your needs – book a call.