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All We Have Is Now

Brand Identity

Dj and producer Will Clarke wanted to set up a new record label, so contacted Superfried to develop the brand identity. The name – All We Have Is Now – was strong, but open to interpretation. The client requested a rebellious, punk vibe. Numerous directions were explored during the research phase, but obvious connections to time and an organic / human attribute became a recurring theme.

I wanted to create a connection to the significance of now. Dali based references sent by the client led to the idea of time slipping away and his classic melting clocks. Use of the human hand grasping it before time slipped away seemed to convey the overall sentiment well.

Typographically we needed something equally organic, raw, punk. Distortion to existing typefaces was explored, but they still felt a little too ordered. To create a stronger personal connection to the client the final solution was to develop the typography using Will's own hand writing.

The next phase was to look at the imagery and artwork for promotional material. Once again, the options were endless and numerous routes were explored. To maintain continuity, a distressed technique was agreed. Like before, the final selected route returned back to a true connection with Will. Shots from Detroit, his new second home and US base, provided the perfect backdrop. These demonstrated endeavours and times past. Locations ready for something new. Something now.

The final route was then applied across all material and mediums, including digital marketing, merchandise, web and animation.

All We Have Is Now.