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NYLON City Wedding Invite

This was a wedding invite for close friends of Superfried.

Andy and Becky are from London and New York respectively. Consequently when they asked us to create their wedding invitation it was important we married their native cities in perfect harmony.

To create balance between the two destinations within the design we focused on shared characteristics. Their famous skylines and metro/underground systems provided the perfect common ground. For the overall styling we picked up on the art deco period which is prevalent in so many of NY's iconic buildings. This style was also carried through to the bespoke typography for the logo. Lastly to balance things up on the tube map, which in NY conveniently has an A and B line, we utilised UK 'mod style' roundels for the stations.

Andy and Becky were thrilled with the final artwork and even arranged for a relative to embroider a matching cushion to carry the rings.

I’ve worked with Superfried on many different design projects. Everything from developing the brand for a new start-up to designing my wedding stationery. They’re fantastic to work with. Even though I am across the pond in New York, Superfried’s location was never an issue – they were always responsive and met every deadline. Consultative, creative and always full of suggestions.

Andy Hammond/ New York City