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Your Dsposal

Brand Identity + Illustration

Existing client Dsposal, had noticed their commercial site for the waste managegment sector was receiving a lot of domestic traffic. Consequently, they decided to set-up a separate not-for-profit social enterprise information site for domestic users. They appointed Superfried to develop the brand identity.

For the identity, it was important to create something simple that immediately conveyed what the service covered and who it was for. The most obvious symbol for domestic life is a house and for waste, the classic bin icon. Whilst researching both, it became apparent that the latter could potentially resemble the entrance to a home – leading to a simple, logical solution. Typography was to follow on from their existing brand.

Logo in place, I then looked at the elaborate illustration I had created previously for their main brand. It would be a lot of work, but I could not resist creating another to continue the theme. Like before an Escher inspired, isometric, optical illusion based direction was adopted. I obviously like to make things hard for myself as this version was even more detailed than the last.