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Website Design + Dev

YETI are a Liverpool based creative agency delivering campaigns for high street fashion brands. They approached Superfried to re-design and develop their new website.

YETI's brand is quite boisterous, energetic and disruptive, which is ideal for the nature of their work and target demographic. However, it required slight restraint to help convey their expertise in this sector. This was achieved by restricting the use of the italic caps to headings and reducing the use of large type statements to create a calmer, more confident feel.

The existing brand identity made use of three vibrant brand colours. To maintain the calm, confident positioning, the palette was heavily controlled allowing the use of just one as a highlight colour per page, which could be specified via the CMS. Black was selected as the background colour to maximise the impact of their content, whilst enabling all brand colours to be used for copy.

The main aim for the site was simplicity. This would ensure the focus was placed on the work and minimise update time – a key client request. Consequently, copy was kept to a minimum and attention directed towards management and presentation of their output. Most of their campaigns feature video content, so we wanted to capture the dynamic, high energy nature of this work. In addition to a homepage showreel, this was achieved via numerous content options in the CMS – videos via upload / embed, video clips for case studies / thumbnails, animated gifs and an animated gif effect generated directly in the CMS from separate uploaded images. For balance to counteract this freneticism, static image thumbnails utilised a very slow zoom on rollover.

For navigation, once again we wanted to minimise the distractions and clutter with a simple system that could be used across all devices. To avoid confusion we simply gave the user only one thing to potentially click – a giant '+' that is always in view. Just in case this was overlooked, scrolling down the page would still lead to the relevant work. Upon selecting a case study, the user can navigate to the next or previous project via the arrows at the bottom of the page.

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