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Will Clarke

Identity/ Web presence

Will Clarke is an established Dj and Producer. Signed to Dirty Bird he frequently tours the States, has remixed for Idris Elba and his own tracks are being played by legend Carl Cox. Superfried had developed Will's previous two identities, but with an ever evolving style he requested a new look. He promised this one would be a keeper!

The brief stipulated that the new identity should be clean and simple. With this in mind it was decided that the marque would be a minimal logotype with no additional symbol. However, the angled letters - W, A, R, K - in addition to the negative space of the triple L's, would make this typographically challenging.

Focusing on the angles for the bespoke type, the Greek sigma sign was employed to replace the E, reflecting and balancing the negative space generated by the K. A minimal look was further reinforced via the removal of unnecessary character elements where suitable. Negative space generated by the three L's was addressed by shortening the horizontal arm of two.

New press shots had been supplied by Noel Deasington. Two subtle, angled lines were employed using a blend mode to create an elegant interaction between the images and the new marque. This styling was then consistently applied throughout.

With little time to update his site, the web presence was reduced to a single responsive page, randomly selecting one of three background shots and linking to Will's relevant social and music platforms.

Live shots by Pearcey Proper.

Superfried, from the start a very professional, but down to earth company. Always looking for an alternative angle when it comes to design, helped me to progress my brand to the next level.

Will Clarke/ DJ/ Producer