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The Music Shop Inc

Brand identity/ website design

The Music Shop is a stock/ bespoke music library serving the advertising and film industries. They commissioned Superfried to design their brand identity and website.

Music has obviously been represented in symbol form many times. This made me wary of any ideas leaning towards the use of musical notation. This led to various fruitless experiments in a multitude of directions.

Starting again from scratch the identity basically had to represent 'music' and an 'online shop'. It was here that the simple connection was made. Online checkouts use a shopping trolley symbol which also looks similar to musical notation. This experience taught me a very valuable career lesson – no ideas are ever out of bounds! Marque in place, some simple bespoke typography was then developed.

Moving onto the design for the website, this was equally challenging. It would need to perform multiple functions across various categories. An icon set and colour palette was developed to differentiate the genres. Use of careful information design was then employed to ensure all required functionality was achieved whilst maintaining a clean, functional and efficient layout.

All visuals shown are proposed designs, but due to technical constraints, use of third party systems and their own developer the look of the site may differ significantly.

This project was featured on David Airey's design blog Logo Design Love and The Logo Creative.

Whilst working with Superfried I was impressed by Mark's perseverance, passion and dedication. The new brand identity intelligently conveys our service via a simple, elegant marque which also helps us to standout within a highly competitive sector.

Nelson/ Director/ The Music Shop