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The Birds Nest

Brand identity/ Website

The Birds Nest is an established pub and music venue located in Deptford, London.

They approached Superfried to develop a new brand identity, marketing scheme and web presence.

The venue has a strong punk heritage and it's proximity to the river had led to historic connotations with pirates. Consequently during initial discussions it was proposed that a skull and crossbones may provide an apt symbol. With this in mind, to add distinction and a stronger connection to the name a unique bird skull was developed.

For the site it was important not to suppress the eclectic style and creativity of the performing bands/ gallery artists. To achieve this a minimal, lo-fi design was adopted in-keeping with the gig venue vibe.

In addition to a bespoke cms, to simplify updates gig photographs are automatically displayed via the simple addition of a specific hash tag to instagrams.

This project is still a work in progress with marketing literature and signage currently under development.

The feedback to date has been very positive, and the uptake on social media rapid with over 4,000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook in the first month.

Street art by Adam Boosky.

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