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The Barber Shop

Brand identity/ marketing 

Existing Superfried client, DJ/ Producer Will Clarke, required a new brand identity and marketing collateral for his new radio show – The Barber Shop. The show is to be braodcast monthly via podcast and the Revolution radio station in Miami. Each show will feature a set from a leading artist in the industry, such as Groove Armada and Billy Kenny.

For the identity it was important to evoke the essence of the Barber Shop without the concept becoming too dominant. Use of a classic drop shadow typeface provided an apt retro feel. Further distinction was achieved via bespoke re-styling of the letterforms to generate a nostalgic, 3D curved effect.

To continue the theme a classic angled Barber stripe pattern was untilised for backdrop/ image overlays. Noise and vignette shading were then employed to control the dominance of the stripes and further enhance the vintage effect. Initial Barber inspired palettes were reduced to B&W to avoid potential theme overload.

All promotion was to be via digital platforms. Consequently web banners/ avatars/ ads and video teasers were developed.

I've been working with Superfried for around eight years now and we have spoken about design concepts on a very regular basis. With his input my brand has evolved drastically over that time, helping me to make my ideas a reality.

Will Clarke/ DJ + Producer/ The Barber Shop