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Self promotion experiment

We spend a lot of time advising clients about their identity. During this process, in the majority of cases, we regularly inform them it is essential to remain disciplined and consistent to ensure the growth and strength of their brand. As with all professions, it is easier to advise others than to practise what you preach. So as an experiment we decided to develop a series of potential promotional posters. To make it more challenging we decided to try and follow our own advice.

The rules were that the designs must only use our brand colours, red/black and the artwork must be derived from our main 'SF' logo. It was amazing how difficult it was to remain disciplined and not go off on a tangent!

We developed three different designs and then used feedback received online to select the best route. The chosen design was then printed as a limited edition poster of 150 copies. On the reverse we included our favourite poster design developed for the release of our font Plug. Via our facebook page and behance profile a competition was held with the winner receiving a limited print.

The poster was well received and consequently used for our new business cards which was awarded design of the day on The reverse of the poster featured as the cover for the launch edition of TwoFold magazine.