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Marketing material/ Point of sale

Spar is one of the world's largest international food retail chains, with 13,600 stores in 33 countries.

In collaboration with an advertising agency Superfried were asked to develop new marketing and point of sale material for the Spar and Eurospar outlets.

The brief was quite challenging. Spar outlets are smaller convenience stores targeting young professionals picking up the evening meal on the way home from work. They had also recently introduced in-store coffee shops and smoothie bars. Eurospar stores are much larger supermarket outlets focusing on families and value.

Starting with Spar, Superfried introduced a more sophisticated serif font to appeal to the target demographic. Use of their brand red was reduced to take the focus away from value and move towards quality. Introduction of a dark grey enhanced the understated, polished feel. When displaying multiple products a light grey tint and vibrant green highlight were introduced to ensure layouts looked clean and fresh.

Eurospar required a different approach. Now it was important to demonstrate value without appearing cheap or compromising on quality. Typographically use of sans-serif fonts created the friendly, approachable feel desired. With value now a focus, use of block red was apt. To ensure material did not start to look cheap, the number of products displayed at any time was carefully controlled and sufficient white space allocated.