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Brand identity and website

Soundbite are a new events company covering every possible service from catering, production crews, studio space and even equipment repairs.

Soundbite approached Superfried to develop their branding and web presence.

With such a great name it was important to create an equally strong identity. It was logical to play on the 'bite' angle, but also to keep it simple. Since they are an events company, and heavily involved in music, relevant icons were investigated such as records and cds. However, both are now almost obsolete, so a musical symbol with a future was selected, the humble speaker.

Soundbite provide a substantial variety of services, consequently there was a danger the site could become complex and confusing. To tackle this a colour scheme was introduced to aid user navigation. In addition new icons were created for each service whilst still maintaining an obvious connection to the brand. This forward thinking approach would enable any of their revenue streams to be developed as separate sub-brands should they grow disproportionately.

For the stationery die-cuts were employed to continue the bite action. Lastly we introduced an animated bird who appears to have come off worse in a recent tussle.

We are delighted with the identity and website that Superfried developed for us. We had a vision of what we wanted, they listened and translated our brief into an effective design. The feedback from our clients has been extremely positive. The branding is brilliant and is perfect for creating a great first impression. So thank you to Superfried.

Joel Matthews/ Soundbite Events Ltd