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Secret 7" 2020

Record sleeve design

Established in 2012, Secret 7" is an annual event combining music and art for charitable causes. Each year 7 well known tracks are selected and 100 of each are pressed to 7" vinyl. It is then an open invite to the world to create their own interpretation of a track for the sleeve. 700 lucky designers are subsequently picked and their work exhibited/ sold as one-off pieces for charity. Now for the secret, the purchaser is unaware who designed the sleeve or even the track it contains, until they have parted with their hard-earned cash.

This year the money raised was donated to help refugees and the exhibition was hosted at NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula, London. With the Covid restrictions in place, a 360 Virtual tour was created.

For 2020 I selected the track – This Is A Call – by Foo Fighters. The meaning of this track, even after reading the lyrics is ambiguous. However, I have always felt it sounded like a rallying call to take action, with the apt lyric 'it's been too long'. With the world in turmoil this connected strongly with the plight of our environment – a cause I am passionate about. I had recently completed a personal typographic project – 1896 – the year human induced climate change was first predicted – focusing on climate change which felt like a perfect fit. Three designs based on the personal project were submitted, with the typographic route making the final cut.

Sadly, 2020 was the last year they would be holding Secret 7, which made selection for the third time, even more rewarding.