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Secret 7" 2016

Record sleeve design

Established in 2012, Secret 7" is an annual event combining music and art for charitable causes. Each year 7 well known tracks are selected and 100 of each are pressed to 7" vinyl. It is then an open invite to the world to create their own interpretation of a track for the sleeve. 700 lucky designers are subsequently picked and their work exhibited/ sold as one-off pieces for charity. Now for the secret, the purchaser is unaware who designed the sleeve or even the track it contains, until they have parted with their hard-earned cash.

This year the selected charity was Amnesty International and the exhibition was hosted at Sonos Studios, Shoreditch.

This great event attracts very high profile contributors. This year is no exception with submissions by Sir Anish Kapoor, Sir Paul Smith, Why Not Associates and Anthony Burrill. Consequently it was a great honour to be selected for the final 700 from thousands of entries.

For 2016 the track options were eclectic as usual: Imagine – John Lennon/ At Last – Etta James/ Dream 3 – Max Richter/ Art School – The Jam/ The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala/ Clearest Blue – Chvrches/ Worry – Jack Garratt.

This year selecting the track was much easier. I had been developing a new personal set of numerals – Marbles [soon to be released] – and the name of the Max Richter track immediately drew me to the number three in the set. Some abstract and texture adaptions led to a suitably ambiguous, dream like form.

The final artwork – as part of my personal Marbles project – has been featured in IdN Magazine [IdN v23n3], on the new type section of the Creative Review blog, Behance, HOW, Type Worship, Dsgn News and Riensche.