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Secret 7" 2015

Record sleeve design

Established in 2012, Secret 7" is an annual event combining music and art for charitable causes. Each year they select 7 well known tracks and press 100 of each to 7" vinyl. It is then an open invite to the world to create their own interpretation of a track for the sleeve. 700 are then selected, exhibited at Somerset House and then sold as one-off pieces of art to raise money for charity. Now for the secret, the purchaser is unaware who designed the sleeve or even the track it contains, until they have parted with their hard-earned cash.

This great event attracts very high profile contributors. This year is no exception with submissions by Sir Paul Smith, Yoko Ono, Sir Peter Blake, Stanley Donwood, Goldie and Non-Format. Consequently it was a great honour to be selected for the final 700 from over 4,000 entries.

This year the selected charity is Nordoff Robbins who are dedicated to transforming lives of vulnerable children and adults through music therapy.

For 2015 the track options were eclectic as usual: Let Forever Be – The Chemical Brothers/ Reflections – Diana Ross & The Supremes/ G0 – The Maccabees/ Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel/ Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones/ Digital Witness – St Vincent/ Born Slippy – Underworld.

Selecting a track was difficult, but the amazing Michel Gondry video for the Chemicals started the ideas flowing. The song title and the film, The Adjustment Bureau, led to the theme of multiple paths — grey representing events past, white for the present and pink for the uncharted future. With some time left before the submission date a couple of ideas emerged for the St Vincent and Underworld tracks.