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Superfried's 5th birthday!

Very excited to reach this mile stone. By way of celebration the Superfried site has been completely re-developed – now adaptive/ retina ready.

As a designer it would be remiss to not also create some celebratory visuals. This led to the following five poster designs.

With the fifth birthday and retina heavily in mind a spot of 3D paper work proved very effective for the first route. Continuing the theme, for the second design experimentation with the awkward pentagon to create a pentagonal grid. Route three developed after a nostalgic sift through a variety of identities developed over the years – most used others not. For the fourth poster a look at the way technology has changed developed into a timeline of the company since 2007. Lastly, after recently featuring on Character Design Served it seemed apt that the critters should be gathered in party formation to complete the line-up.