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Superfried is 10 years old!

This is a special milestone for me, so this year I wanted to develop something that represented the work over the past decade. Unintentionally, typography has become significant within my designs with a distinct focus on numbers in my recent personal projects. With this in mind, I decided to select my favourite 10 digits from my 10 strongest numeral sets – hence 10x10. This was really difficult, particularly with the sevens and eights which were usually the strongest within each collection.

However, with a new birthday, it would be remiss not to create something new. So a completely fresh numeral set was also developed to complete the 10 – 5th row on the grey poster. With the numbers selected, a 10x10 logotype was designed to feature on the digital poster designs and teaser anims. Finally the addition of another year of work to the existing show reel – 10 years [highlights] in 30 seconds.

This project has been featured on Creative Boom, FormFiftyFive, Print Mag and was shortlisted for the Creativepool Awards 2018.