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S & M Cafes

Flotation prospectus

S & M Cafe are a chain of restaurants specialising in Sausage & Mash.

The company was planning to float, whilst working for another agency, I was briefed to create the prospectus. They stated it was essential to convey the essence of the traditional British cafe.

With the brief in mind a photo shoot was arranged at the Spitalfield & Angel Islington branches. For the cover, actual menus, condiments & table cloths were shot on site. To enhance the nostalgic vibe the shoot was conducted using traditional film. Additional shots were taken of the open/ closed signs & of models/ general public eating at the restaurant. The cafe shots were then combined with those of traditional cafes from yesteryear to demonstrate the traditional values are maintained today.

To continue the traditional feel an off-white recycled stock was selected for the internal pages. For the cover, a high gloss laminate was selected to resemble the plastic tables cloths.

Photography by Paul Wesley Griggs.