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Rolls Royce Magazine

Editorial design

Rolls Royce were in the process of making a bold addition to their range. Consequently it was felt their current trade publication, RR Magazine, required a re-design so content agency Archant Dialogue contacted Superfried for a fresh approach.

The new vehicle was so secret even Archant was not allowed to see a photo. So the focus of the brief was on lifestyle and the new target demographic. The new Black Badge range would be sportier and bolder for a younger driver.

This was a big potential departure, so I felt it was wise to initially develop two routes. The first, a bold, confident, but conventional lifestyle magazine to appeal to the younger reader. The second very minimal, art/ design style publication to reinforce the high-end quality and heritage of the brand.

We knew 'black' was key in the name of the new range. With this knowledge I liked the idea of creating the whole magazine in B&W except for a signature colour for headings. The original magazine felt a little disorganised so I proposed that the content be divided into four sections, each with a different colour. For the cover, completely black except for a limited blind spot varnish on the existing marque. Due to the inclusion of colour advertising, the B&W content was out, however the vibrant signature colours would tie in perfectly with the new car interiors offered and the cover was also agreed.

With the lifestyle route selected, the grid and four main articles were designed. The layouts made use of white space, quirky typesetting, variation in column width and bespoke typography. Unfortunately, due to last minute changes in copy and image selection the final spreads printed varied greatly from the designs submitted. Consequently, aside from the cover, only the original designs submitted are shown.

Superfried is an exceptional print designer and typographer. He produced some outstanding work for us, and really pushed the brief.

Jon Lilley/ Creative Director/ Archant Dialogue