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Brand Identity

Founded in 2017, Revere is an integrated VR and creative agency, focused on the property industry. They approached Superfried to develop their new identity.

A subtle balance would be required for this identity. Sophisticated elegance to connect with the high-end target demographic with the flexibility to evolve and reflect the dynamic nature of their technological expertise.

Initial thoughts began with the idea of repeating components that are used to construct both the virtual and real world structures. Use of angles and polygon shapes led to multiple options from bold use in abstract graphics to more conservative, repeating patterns. Experimentation led to subtle illusions of depth and structure.

Moving onto the wordmark various bespoke options were tested including lower and uppercase in both sans and sans-serif styles. Ultimately, it was felt the capital sans option was sufficiently elegant, whilst also structurally precise and robust to reflect their target sector. However, further distinction and connection to the angular graphic language was required. Revere is unusual since it features three E's. A simple repeating angled cut at the intersection of the bars of each alluded to idea of depth and levels within a building.In addition to a light and heavy version of the logotype additional adjustments were made to the cut angle – increasing from 30 to 45 degrees for use at small scale and on screen.

With the logotype complete, experimentation with the bespoke and versatile pattern could ensue. The new device enabled both simple and complex applications to evolve across all media, whilst allowing room for further development in the future.

Site design and development by Oli Jay, Creative Director, Revere.