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Quick Release Fund for Nature [QRFN]

Brand Identity

The Quick Response Fund for Nature [QRFN], is a philanthropic collaboration focused on protecting some of the world’s most critical sites for endangered species. Opportunities to purchase key landscapes are often missed if time consuming fund raising is required. QRFN provides access to immediate investment as opportunities arise. Founders, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, commissioned Superfried to develop the brand identity.

QRFN supplies rapid financial support for all landscapes and species. Consequently the client requested that the identity should represent a mixture of flora, fauna, and if possible, also convey time. This was a rather challenging proposition. Initially working on ideas around clocks proved problematic, so a more abstract approach was adopted via the use of an hour glass. This allowed for much more freedom with the sand manipulated to represent mountains and rivers in the upper chamber leading to the formation of a plant in the lower chamber. With time, flora and land featured the wildlife was next.

The client requested the fauna to convey both land and air based species. After experimentation, the cheetah and parrot proved to be the most successful, offering immediate recognition and close symmetry.

Continuing the theme, for simple promo animations an eclectic mix of photographs were selected to include all forms of flora, fauna and landscapes. The shots were then simply run sequentially on a rapid loop to convey the pace at which action must be taken.

Bespoke type was then developed for the initialised wordmark. To convey the 'quick' nature of their approach the tail of the Q was extended to connect and simultaneously form the stroke of the N, reflecting the rapid progress from availability through to purchase of critical landscapes. To ensure versatility in all scenarios various lock-ups and arrangements were created in additions to testing via mock-ups – visuals shown – for key marketing collateral.

Quick Response Fund for Nature.

Animation image credits

Casey Horner via Unsplash
David Clode via Unsplash
Chris Lawton via Unsplash
Guu Xuan via Unsplash
Blake Meyer via Unsplash
Guillaume Briard via Unsplash
Ian Parker via Unsplash
Paulius Dragunas via Unsplash
Landon Arnold via Unsplash
Sander Wehkamp via Unsplash
Valeriy Andrushko via Unsplash
Joel Filipe via Unsplash
Jonathan Auh via Unsplash
Иван Сологуб via Unsplash
Yanguang Lan via Unsplash
Sergey Pesterev via Unsplash
Trevor Cole via Unsplash
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Boris Smokrovic via Unsplash
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Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash