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Pitch material

In collaboration with a global media agency Superfried were tasked with the development of pitch material focusing on the PlayStation brand.

It was important that the material represented the infinite potential play to be had with PlayStation and make use of their controller brand icons. Superfried worked on various ideas initially tapping into the simpler games/ toys of yesteryear. However, although these approaches covered the endless play, it was felt the technology and innovative angle was missing. Success was found in more sci-fi based imagery.

With the look and feel complete this was carried across to the brochures, folders and banners. For the pitch documents a presentation box was developed. In contrast to the vibrant artwork inside, the packaging was deliberately very minimal, yet maintained a hi-tech look with a metallic/ reflective surface.

The final print work was even better than anticipated, especially as deadlines had been very short. All parties concerned were extremely pleased with the completed project.