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Brand identity/ name

Phonik is a new bespoke music events company founded by Dj/ producer and long term client Dan McKie. He asked Superfried to develop the name and brand identity for his new venture.

Requesting a musical connection within the name/ identity, research predictably revealed most associated words were already in use. Deviation from the beaten path and a slight miss-spell led to the perfect solution. In addition to being an acoustically based term, it has a digital feel, connecting to the technical expertise they provide.

Moving onto the identity it was important to maintain that technical aspect. As with the name, musical based representations have been widely used for identities. Looking at Dan's 10+ years in the digital music industry, led to the idea of the classic graphic equaliser.

Extensive experimentation was required before the strip effect successfully conveyed this idea whilst also remaining completely legible. To continue this staggered bar chart style distinct vertical type was employed for the stationery.

Shredding the associated imagery completed a consistent brand style. A combination of two shots on alternate strips created a high-impact look conveying the energy and the motion of the events depicted. This simple effect in addition to a bold palette were adopted for the single page website.

This identity was featured in IdN Magazine [IdN v23n3] and awarded design of the day by Design and Design on 13/05/2015.