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Pangolin Crisis Fund

Brand Identity

Although most of us would be unfamiliar with the Pangolin, they are actually the most illegally trafficked wild mammal in the world. Their quirky and unique attributes have made them a target – their meat perceived to be a delicacy and their scales believed to have medicinal qualities. All eight species of Pangolins are threatened with extinction so the Wildlife Conservation Network [WCN] and Save Pangolins created the Pangolin Crisis Fund in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The fund invests in the most effective projects to stop poaching, trade and demand whilst also raising the profile of their plight. Superfried were commissioned to develop a marque to represent the cause.

The Pangolin has a very unique and beautiful aesthetic – ideal to create standout. However, their distinct scales are also incredibly intricate – potentially problematic at small scale. Consequently, it was important to develop a style that represented the scales in a simpler way, so geometry was employed.

Various routes were investigated. The marque had to be circular to work alongside their existing fund – Elephant Crisis Fund. Also, since Pangolins naturally curl up into a ball the client felt this would be the most natural form to employ.

Slightly curved, radial zig-zag lines helped to convey the scaly characteristic in a clean and simple style. At large scale a version featuring tapered paths was developed to convey their curved form. At smaller scale, the line weight was uniform to maximise legibility.

With the route selected, before final tweaks and completion, mock-ups were developed to test the identity across all possible scenarios and mediums. Here, additional scale based graphic devices were developed should they be required.

Their plight is now so severe that National Geographic have recently published an in depth report into the illegal poaching and trafficking of the Pangolin. In association with National Geographic the Pangolin Crisis Fund has been linked as a key method by which the public can support the conservation effort.

Pangolin Crisis Fund.