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Typographic experiment

Whilst developing my last numeral set, Klaws, an experimental number two emerged that I was rather fond of. Unfortunately it did not fit with the Klaws style, but was strong enough to become the basis of a new personal project. Ironically the number two did not make the cut for Oblique either.

Once the 2D letterforms were complete I was intrigued to see how they would work in 3D. However, this time I wanted to go for a completely different, lo-fi aesthetic. I quickly extruded the numerals by the same value in C4D and screen grabbed each at their best angle. I then re-traced the 3D versions using the screen shots in Illustrator. Continuing the Oblique theme, use of simple lines combined with plane orientated type led to challenging 3D ambiguities.

This project was featured by Creative Boom.