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Experimental Art Deco Numerals

2D – 3D  |  Conceal – Reveal

Whilst experimenting with numeral styles for a project a completely inappropriate art deco style emerged. I had also just started dabbling with C4D and the simple geometric forms were perfect for a beginner to experiment with.

With the 2D numerals refined and complete, it was time to bring them to life. With 3D it suddenly became apparent that the 2D forms were actually concealing the full picture. So whilst ensuring that the form was consistent when viewed straight from the side, what happened on the hidden planes was totally limitless. What appeared square from the side could actually be round when viewed at an angle. The hidden planes could now reveal cut-outs and various materials.

In-keeping with the style of the lettering it was important that 3D forms did not become too complex and that the materials used felt suitably clean. A mix of polished black resin and coloured/ illuminated glass provided an elegant combination. In addition vibrant, internal pin-strip planes were employed to reinforce the signature glass colour.

Upon completion this project was featured in IdN Magazine [IdN v23n3], on Typostrate and posted on Instagram by AIGA [America Institute of Graphic Artists].