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Food for Thought Magazine
Editorial design

This is an internal magazine providing staff with an overview of developments across the network and within the industry. Collaborating with a media agency Superfried were tasked with designing the magazine from scratch.

McDonald's had recently restyled all of their food outlets with a fresher, more modern look and feel. Superfried felt it was important to reflect this change in direction which was achieved through various methods. The first task was to adopt the new colour palette and remove any red which had a strong connection to their previous high street presence. To maintain a strong link to the brand the lead colour would now be the McDonald's yellow.

The new outlets were also more sophisticated and understated. To reflect the tone branding devices were restricted to minimal use of just the Golden arches icon. This was combined with the use of two serif fonts, absence of cover lines and extensive white space throughout. Lastly, for imagery great shots were selected from their extensive database taken by photographer Richard Davies.