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This was a quick turnaround project for a last minute idea to enhance a corporate lunch.

Collaborating with a global media agency, Superfried were tasked with developing brand-led placemats for a corporate lunch featuring case studies from across the network.

Although for a corporate lunch, the tone needed to be light hearted, reflecting the bright and relaxed atmosphere of their restaurants. It was clear that the 'happy meal' style was the way to go, but the deadline was extremely tight.

From our previous work with McDonald's Superfried had access and awareness of their extensive image database taken by photographer Richard Davies. These provided the perfect brand related back-drops. Now to add the McDonald's fun we incorporated their Happy Meal character, in his various guises, to interact amusingly within each location.

There was a slight risk on this quick project, but fortunately it was well received by all of the attendees and helped to create the atmosphere intended.

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