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It's official, after nine great years in London, Superfried is now moving up North to Sunny Manchester! As a design studio, it seemed appropriate that the big news should be celebrated and revealed graphically.

A mini campaign was devised featuring a series of three teaser video clips and accompanying visuals. The initial idea was to base everything on a triangle to represent the direction of travel, North. In the initial animation combination of two triangles form an apt 'M' for the destination. Removal of the overlap develops into the chevron and motorway upon which the journey will be made. Using the triangle based 'M' as a starting point, an MCR acronym marque was developed continuing with the triangular style to sign off the clip.

The initial teaser was aptly ambiguous, so for the second the introduction of the two geographical locations, as six digit grid references, was introduced as a hint to the meaning behind it. In the last teaser the clues become more obvious with the statement 'SF ^ MCR'. Based on the teaser visuals various poster styles were then developed in addition to 3D renders of the Superfried and MCR logotypes.

This project was featured on Creative Boom.