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Jo and Steve

Wedding stationery

Jo and Steve are close friends of Superfried.

Superfried were honoured to be asked to create the invitations and stationery for their wedding. They requested a traditional village fete feel whilst making use of a mixture of font styles.

Before working on any visuals a logotype was developed to represent Jo, Steve and their daughter Emily to provide a bespoke, personal connection to the work. In-keeping with the traditional theme this was achieved using a continuous fluid line to represent their initials J, S and E. The mark helped to provide continuity throughout the stationery and crockery via the use of discrete transparent stickers.

Since this was a big event, with the fete theme in mind, it seemed only natural to have a big tent style entrance. This device also provided a perfect closing frame for the map at the back of the invite. The interim pages were made to feel as if they were within the tent by continuing the candy stripe as a background to the copy and accompanying illustrations. The styling was continued through to the RSPV raffle tickets.