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Brand identity

Interio is a Russian company which supplies contemporary furniture and fittings to the interior design industry. They approached Superfried to develop their brand identity.

Interio would be supplying products to a wide range of sectors, property types and locations. Consequently, a flexible and practical identity was required, whilst retaining a simple, contemporary style.

Starting with the logotype, interior design regularly combines different styles and textures, so I liked the idea of trying to achieve this within the lettering. For simplicity geometric letterforms were developed. To then represent the mixing of styles, conventional characteristics were changed to create a balanced mix of square and round forms.

The logotype resolved, the client had requested a logo marque. They were keen to use it for masking and containing photography. To resolve this I required a geometric form that was distinct, practical, but also had a connection to the nature of their business.

Experimentation led to a structural, op-art, 3D form representing a doorway – relevant to any property. This was very versatile, since it's robust form enabled sufficient proportions of images to be revealed, whilst the angles were both distinct and elegant. The ability to split the marque allowed the client to frame content or simultaneously reveal two separate sections of the same shot, or even two separate images if required.