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Influence conference

Marketing material/ Info design

Influence was an internal European conference run by long-term client OMD. The event was conducted in Lisbon over two days and involved the meeting of key personnel from all of their global offices.

They briefed Superfried to develop the brochure, marketing material and information design for the whole event, to concur with their brand devices and styling we had developed previously.

The theme of the event was the influence of brands and how to harness and develop them further. Consequently, it was important that all material had a very robust identity with consistency maintained throughout to reflect the subject matter.

Use of black provided a strong restrained backdrop for the vibrant OMD brand palette. This was combined with bold use of typography and clean, restricted placement of existing brand graphic devices.

The conference was a great success. Favourable response to the styling led to various subsequent brand related projects following suit. The project also featured in two design publications.