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Brand identity

Long term client Joel Matthews required an identity for his new vegetarian, Indian street food venture – Hullabaloo – in Deptford, London.

Named after Chef and Co-founder Harish Kumar's nickname – Baloo – the identity was already pointing in a vibrant and fun direction. Having been to India a few years ago, I wanted the identity to be clean/ modern whilst also capturing the colour and heritage of the country without becoming cliché.

For the logotype, a minimal, geometric sans serif style was modified with sharp, subtle angular serifs as a nod to the past. Despite them serving affordable, street style dishes, the quality would be exemplary – Baloo having worked with Michelin star Chef Atul Kochhar. Consequently, black was selected as the base colour to convey the sophisticated quality of their product with orange providing the vibrant highlight.

The logotype was calm and confident, but it required a marque that was fun and dynamic in contrast. What if Hullabaloo was an animal? Here the idea of a playful elephant emerged. To take it a step further, inspired once again by my favourite artist Escher, what if it could be made to tessellate? Surprisingly this was less difficult than predicted and the result worked well as a distinct, brand-led device across marketing collateral.

Budget was limited with no allowance for expensive food photography. To maintain a clean, consistent and bold look to the dishes a technique employed by sushi restaurants was adopted. Shooting the dishes from above allowed for clean cut-outs to be placed on hyper backdrops of turquoise and magenta to accompany the orange.

Lastly, the tricky menu. I wanted something that was fun, different and easy to update. Using a fan style allowed for easy updates for new menus, clean layouts and genuine shots of India to be displayed on the reverse of each pane to connect with the heritage and tradition of the cuisine.

To ensure the new identity was successfully deployed online, I worked with regular collaborator James Seddon at Cotton Creative to develop the website. Click here for the full case study.

Very talented and professional person. I am so happy with his work. Very reliable service and he is full of new ideas. His design is amazing.

Baloo/ Chef and Founder/ Hullabaloo.