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HotFridge Records

Identity/ Web presence

HotFridge Records are an electronic music label founded by established producers Dan McKie and Andy Bury. They asked Superfried to develop a vibrant and flexible brand identity to cover all potential genres of dance music.

HotFridge was an interesting name and it was too inviting not to develop an identity that was simultaneously 'hot' and 'cold'. A tricky balancing act ensued to avoid the obvious and cliché. Observing that the shape of an ice cream and it's cone, were similar to a flame and it's torch led to the final solution.The combination of the two developed into a flaming ice cream, reminiscent of a Heston Blumenthal dessert.

To reflect the eclectic variety of their musical output, whilst also creating high impact, a vivid gradient was used for the logo. This route also enabled the use of both hot and cold colours. The vibrant colour scheme then continued through the website, with each page utilising a different colour from the logo gradient.

Response to the brand scheme was extremely positive. Since completion HotFridge has progressed rapidly with over 20 releases and two compilation albums to date. The project has also been featured in three design publications and on Behance.

Superfried are by far one of the most inspiring, professional and coolest design companies that I've had the pleasure to deal with over the last couple of years.

Andy Bury/ Record Label Manager/ HotFridge Records