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Hermès Paris

Digital Magazine/ Editorial design

Hermès is a French manufacturer of luxury goods specialising in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery and ready-to-wear.

In collaboration with a global media agency Superfried were asked to design an internal digital magazine covering recent industry events.

Hermès had introduced a very distinct, loose style of illustration and typography to their brand-led material. They had also made use of a dashed line device for the division of key information. With this in mind we carried this styling across using fluid handwritten style fonts. Pages and content were separarated with a similar on brand dashed device. In keeping with the loose style, the grid was very flexible allowing for copy and images to interchange at will. This also enabled for simple insertion of video footage

Lastly, and the most challenging of all, was the cover. Following the brand look we developed a loose landscape illustration in the style of a water colour. This worked very well to create a softer, hand made feel to counteract the hard and industrial nature of the device upon which it would be viewed.