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Illustration/ Brochure design

Hasbro is one of the largest toy makers in the world.

Collaborating with a global media agency, Superfried were tested with a rather magical brief for Hasbro. The brochure was to show-case the great work that had been conducted for the toy giant. The theme was the classic 'toys come alive at night' tale.

With this in mind Hasbro's brand palette was utilised to create an atmospheric, monochromatic nighttime scene. Key Hasbro products were then selected to play the main roles of the story including Optimus Prime, My Little Pony, Subuteo, Tonka, Play-Doh, Twister and the legendary Mr Potato Head.

With the cast set it was time to bring them alive. The dividers for each section of the brochure provided a perfect location to continue the story and convey the key messages in an amusing yet striking format.