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Identity/ Marketing material

GloryHole was a UK based club night.

Superfried were asked by our friends at GloryHoleMusic to re-brand and refresh the marketing material for their club night GloryHole.

This was a challenging brief since the genre of music played could vary greatly within a single event. Consequently a template structure with a distinct style to maintain brand strength/ awareness whilst ensuring versatility to adapt to any acts or venue was required. The name itself suggested a circle so that was utilised as a focal point. The shape, although simple, offered infinite possibilities. This then led to the development of the ‘infinity’ connecting device and ‘wings’ within the logotype. Lastly symmetry was utilised to reinforce distinction.

It was very exciting to be involved with the club nights featuring established acts such as Steve Mac and Dirty Vegas. Unfortunately, due to the financial climate and consequential decline in the clubbing industry, they were unable to continue. However, the work was well received and featured in four design publications including international best seller Los Logos 5.