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Every Day is Play

Book submission

Every Day is Play is a Kickstarter book project by designer Matthew Kenyon, celebrating the video game.

Submission of artwork for the publication was open to everyone. With such an opportunity, how could we resist.

Our theme was virtual meets real world. With so many potential contributors it was important to select a game that would not be heavily represented, yet still a classic of it's time. It should also be a game that could occur in an everyday scenario. Looking round the studio and noticing the big shelf unit led to the selection of Taito's platform classic Bubble Bobble.

After some research the characters were illustrated in pixel form. These were then mapped as separate flat construction plans for each colour. The flatplans were then carefully folded/ glued and then assembled to bring the characters to life.

The hard work paid off as we made the final 255 selected to feature in the book, from over 500 submissions from across the globe.