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Fish Don't Dance

Marketing refresh

Fish Don't Dance is a UK based club night which regularly tour some of the top clubs throughout Europe.

Superfried were approached by Fish Don't Dance founder Dj/ Producer Dan McKie to develop their marketing material, website and completely refresh their brand.

Working with the existing logo, I decided that the 'fish' should be the star of the show. For each new event our scaly friend would take centre stage on the flyers and posters in a new form. This provided us with great creative freedom using mediums such as lego, ketchup, illustration, photography and toast!

Logos and typography were kept to a minimum to reduce intrusion on the artwork. To facilitate this, distinct container devices were developed for the FDD and venue logos.

Since the refresh Fish Don't Dance have featured established acts such as Alistair Whitehead, Thomas Gandey [Caged Baby], Felix Baumgartner and Adam Shelton. Response from their fanbase was also very enthusiastic and the project has featured in two design publications.

I own and run Fish Don't Dance. Superfried has helped me increase my exposure and has set the company up for a very bright future. I would highly recommend Superfried and will certainly be using them again.

Dan McKie/ Director/ Fish Don't Dance