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Filip Le Frick

Re-brand/ Website

Filip Le Frick [Stealth/ Nervous/ Big in Ibiza/ Southern Fried] is a flamboyant Dj and Producer from Sweden.

Filip contacted Superfried as he felt his existing brand needed a refresh to coincide with the release of numerous high profile projects. However, it was essential that the existing urban style was maintained.

With this in mind typographic styles with a graffiti/ tag feel were developed, whilst maintaining complete legibility, an issue with the previous logo. It was also important to ensure that the identity would work equally well in shortened form, as it was very likely Filip would often be referred to as 'Le Frick'.

With the typography resolved development of the character he had requested was addressed. Filip had two prerequisites, to retain the headphones from his previous character and also implement some hi-tops, his preferred footware. As with most characters, distinction and charm was found with some exaggeration wherever possible.

For the styling of the site it was felt that a rather unpolished look was required. Use of minimal blank backgrounds, distressed containers and courier fonts worked well. However, it needed some kind of movement to bring little 'Le Frick' to life. To maintain the lo-tech vibe and avoid issues with flash and Apple portables, it was time to dust off and reintroduce the much underrated animated gif.

Since completion Le Frick has gone on to great success including a recent signing to Fatboy Slim's label Southern Fried. The project was also featured on the Behance Adweek Talent Gallery.

With the help of Superfried's outstanding creativity, professionalism and imagination they took all that I am as an artist and made it come alive. My only choice for everything art and design.

Filip Le Frick