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Fedrigoni 365 – 2019

Calendar Submission

Fedrigoni 365 is a calendar, designed by TM Studio, for Fedrigoni papers UK. Each year 365 UK based studios and individuals are selected to contribute. Each participant must submit a piece of work to represent a date provided at random. The calendars can be purchased from Counter Print with profits to be donated to Shelter. After seeing the 2018 edition I was thrilled to be selected and assigned the 29 November.

When developing experimental type I often look for similarities in the forms of the characters. This helps to create balance, consistency of style or enables them to be combined in one form. Fortunately for me the 2 + 9 shared many characteristics. So I decided to try and create a challenging, single, interlocking form whilst still remaining legible. With the design in place I experimented with different techniques to render and style it. It was here the happy accident occurred. An ambiguous perception of depth via negative space emerged which helped to add an element of intrigue and impact.

Purchase the calendar now from Counter Print.

Profits to be donated to Shelter.

Calendar designed by TM Studio.

Paper by Fedrigoni.