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Annual report and illustration

Delancey is a specialist real estate investment and advisory company.

Whilst working for another agency, I was briefed to develop their annual report focusing on recent property acquisitions.

Delancey had specified they would like a wiro bound report. This format made the use of different paper stocks very simple. The other advantage was that the open document would lay flat. With this in mind, a landscape orientation was utilised. Now to showcase their properties and the excellent photography supplied, the shots could be placed in portrait orientation across double page spreads.

Delancey had a rather interesting brand palette of dark green, pale blue and silver. The client stated it was important that silver played a significant role within the report. The pantone was utilised for the title device on the cover and more significantly to spice up the serious figures in the back-end. The financial section switched to an uncoated, silver paper stock. A darker silver pantone was employed to surround the tables, therefore highlighting the figures by allowing the lighter silver paper to shine through.