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Brand identity/ sleeve design

Established electronic music producers Jon Pearn and Michael Gray – Full Intention – approached Superfried to work on the identity and sleeve for the debut EP by Femi Santiago AKA DeCree.

Femi had previously received a positive response as a contestant on The Voice in 2014. However, this was a new direction for the singer/ musician and song writer into the dance arena and consequently required a new alter ego.

Supplied with new PR shots the use of Femi's image seemed apt to build on his existing profile, whilst also creating a new and distinctive image. The square aspect ratio of the sleeve led to the idea of symmetry/ balance and then to kaleidoscopes.

Each side of Femi’s face was duplicated, mirrored and joined to form two new, symmetrical versions. Since faces are surprisingly asymmetrical this process rendered portraits of almost two completely different people – like the two sides of one's personality. These were then combined once again to form a complete, symmetrical and accurate likeness of Femi. This now provided the starting point for experimentation and numerous styles for future potential releases, whilst always maintaining a common thread of the artist throughout.

With a gallery of images to chose from attention was now focused on the identity. Here simplicity and geometry were an obvious starting point to continue the style. Breaking the letterforms down to their simplest recognisable forms led to a bold and distinct logotype which maintained a strong, legible presence overlaying imagery or in complete isolation.