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Dan McKie


Dan McKie is a DJ/ producer and the founder of 1980 Recordings and it's club night Fish Don't Dance.

When Dan McKie approached Superfried requesting a re-brand of himself it was quite a departure from the usual company identity.

During initial discussions it was politely mentioned that his face was rather distinct and could provide the perfect solution. Fortunately this was well received.

Initial illustrative attempts were too realistic and did not actually resemble the subject. Success was found upon observing a series of gig shots. Amusingly it appeared that when DJing Mr McKie is simply reduced to a cap and beard. As usual with design the simplification was key and the new illustration provided immediate recognition. Continuing the pseudo 3D style bespoke block lettering was developed in two aspect ratios.

For the site and press pack existing press shots/ event photography were utilised. Since the imagery was from a multitude of sources to create continuity all shots were re-coloured in the brand yellow. In addition, for style and distinction use of png transparency enabled the striped wallpaper to pass through on screen to match print material.

The strength of the new brand and illustrative icon in particular, greatly increased Dan's profile and brand presence. Increased confidence led to the development of brand-led merchandise and the project has featured in two design publications.