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Will Clarke

Identity/ Web presence

Will Clarke [Stealth/ Cr2/ HedKandi/ Champion/ DoJo/ Whartone/ Southern Fried] is an established Dj & Producer.

After developing & honing his musical style in a different direction Will felt a new look & feel to his brand was required.

Superfried had developed Will's previous identity which featured a robotic alter ego. Now Will requested something much more minimal in tune with his revised sound. With this in mind it was felt the branding should feature clean distinct typography with perhaps a simple icon.

To maximise distinction bespoke lettering was developed. The letters of his name were particularly angular in shape. This led to a very triangular bespoke style for the logotype. Continuing the theme a geometric, stylised 'W' symbol was developed based on two overlapping, sliced triangles.

With the logo in place a simple, clean style was carried through the website, stationery & marketing material. New publicity photos were shot by Dan Reid.

The re-brand has been well received by all including a feature on Behance.