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Cut a Rug

Brand identity

Established DJs/ Producers Will Clarke and Jason Honeywell approached Superfried requiring a brand identity for their new club night Cut a Rug – urban terminology for dancing with flair.

Inspired by the name a bespoke letter ‘C’ was tailored with distinct incisions to form a bold and memorable icon. This provided a versatile container that could be styled/ mask images/ or rendered in different mediums for promotional material such as flyers and posters.

Additional marketing material included tees and the commission of bespoke Cut a Rug 'C' lightboxes to be situated behind the Dj booth. Installed with a control system the light colour can be altered and synced to the music. For promotional videos a short animated ident was developed in flash.

Since the launch Cut a Rug has graced various venues in the UK and Ibiza. In addition to the club nights Superfried are currently developing the brand further to accommodate a Cut a Rug radio show and recording label. This project has been featured on Behance.

Superfried, from the start a very professional, but down to earth company. Always looking for an alternative angle when it comes to design, helped me to progress my brands to the next level.

Will Clarke/ Founder/ Cut a Rug