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Create VR

Website design + development

Create VR are an Augmented + Virtual Reality agency based in LA and London, working with clients such as Sony Pictures and Universal. They approached Superfried to re-brand the agency and develop a new website.

With the new identity complete, it was time to call in the web expertise of James Seddon at Cotton Creative. Due to the nature of their work the agency required the site to capture the essence of the 3D world's that they develop for their clients.

With this in mind, for immediate impact an animated intro was developed, controlled via the scroll of the user. This featured a zoom effect into a scene starring Slimer from their latest VR project for Ghostbusters. The sequence was carefully optimised to ensure high frame rates. To guarantee performance the initial zoom effect was removed for mobile devices. However, in addition to the zoom, the shot was sliced up to create a 3D parallax effect, once again controlled via the motion of the cursor. Although the zoom had been eradicated, the 3D parallax effect was maintained for mobile devices to even greater effect than the desktop version via the motion of the device.

The result was so effective that we developed the same technique for the other two case studies – The Walk and Ouija 2. What initially appeared to be a relatively simple site, soon became a rather technically challenging, but rewarding adventure.

The Create VR site can be viewed here. Designed by Superfried, developed by Cotton Creative.

Mark is a true creative. Extremely passionate and detail orientated. A pleasure to work with.

Jonathan Gitlin/ Partner + President/ Create VR/ LA