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Boom Town Projects

Brand identity

Long term client Joel Matthews – Birds Nest/ Nestival/ Soundbite – required an identity for his holding company Boom Town Projects.

Joel is a great client since he is always open to ideas and, being a true entrepreneur, contributes many of his own. However, for this brief it was left open.

The new identity would potentially sit alongside the three very eclectic brands we had already developed. Consequently it would need to be strong, bold and also simple. The first instinct was to go for corporate, straight and serious. But on second thoughts it was clear this would not represent the energy and dynamic nature of either the name or client.

With these factors in mind simple geometry was employed with the letterforms immediately lending themselves to circles. Use of playful off-sets conveyed the sense of energy and motion. Lastly, this was carried through to the tag line via the use of broken words.